F O R M A - Artistic stonework, headstones, sculpture, memorial



Uniqueness, individuality, passion - ideas commonly known but uncommonly practised. A mistake. A human being is as an individual endowed with the right of choice and decision-making powers. Such powers should not be drowned in the ocean of mass pulp, repeatability, industrial production-creation.

Our working tools are not machines but people’s hands and their imagination. We are the craftsmen of the human imagination who transform thoughts into actions. The trust we have been bestowed with is the basis for the creation of the only-one-of-its-kind effect, a unique work of art possessing an everlasting warranty of distinctiveness in the mass world. Our fundamental approach - the knowledge of regulations, material, tools. Working methods and techniques of the manufactured products - classic style as well as free interpretation. The principle of co-existence and creativity in a hearty SYNERGY.